Apache Webserver Complete Guide (PDF, english)

A free book for personal and education purposes. Made by Igor Ljubuncic / Dedoimedo:


The Web server – Apache – Complete Guide was one of the many topics covered in a series of books that I started writing on Linux, the goal of which was to help any enthusiastic Windows user or a Linux newbie become a powerful, confident Linux professional. As a preview of what this series of books might have been, I decided to post a single Part on my website.

This series of book will probably never be completed, as I’m working on other, more exciting projects, but I’m still convinced you will thoroughly enjoy this document, for it has been written with care and attention to tiniest details. Every procedure is explained step by step, accompanied by numerous examples and screenshots.

The only thing that you will miss is the fact that links to other Parts, covering other material, are not available in this standalone release. However, every procedure required to setup the Web server is fully self-contained. You will be able to fully configure the Apache server by just using this document as your guide.

Lastly, let’s get one thing straight: You will not become Apache gurus by reading this document. For that matter, I’m not an Apache guru, either. There are so many aspects to the usability and security of the Apache Web server, it is practically impossible to put them all in a single book. However, by reading this document, you WILL learn how to use the Apache Web server on the basic and intermediate level. From here on, the sky’s your limit.

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